You Don’t Have to be an Entrepreneur

You don’t have to own a business to make it through 2018, or 2019 for that matter.

Why does everyone want to be a business owner? What exactly is the hype?

I support the movement around changing what it means to be “employed.” I support transforming the idea of going to work and what that entails. I love it. I love young people switching shit up and shaking the table. Demand your vacations. Work from home twice a week. Negotiate that salary.

But I’m struggling to get behind this… “I” movement that’s happening. So, first of all, owning a business is much more than working from home or Starbucks whenever you want. It’s much more than buying an LLC and having your name on some paperwork. Being a business owner is not for the weak. From my understanding, you spend years fighting for people to respect whatever it is that you do enough to pay you what you’ve asked for it. YEARS. This alone makes me wonder why so many people have hopped on this wave. Financial insecurity in THIS economy?!


Let’s be clear, I’m not trying to dim the light in anyone’s eyes. If you’ve been contemplating this, and you’re ready to take the leap, I’m the last person to say, “don’t.” What I will say is, “is this really what you want?” I think people have forgotten that. Why exactly do you want a business? What are your services exactly? Who’s handling customer support? Why wouldn’t people recommend you?

I’m beginning to think this is all about how to make a profit. So why don’t people just say that? You can get paid to do anything. I support doing what you love and getting paid to do it. I also support hobbies though, and frankly that’s where some of y’all businesses belong. You are allowed to be good at things, and do them “just because.” Is it always smart? Probably not. So I get it…I really do. But labeling yourself an entrepreneur won’t mean anything in a few years if folks continue to run this into the ground. Building generational wealth (which is also the wave right now) can occur utilizing more methods than one. Hell, you can win the lottery and build generational wealth if managed properly. For the record, I also support building generational wealth.

We have to hold folks accountable. We also need to encourage healthy dialogue about this urge to keep up with everyone. Just because you see people “branding” etc. doesn’t mean your life is in disarray because you aren’t doing the same. People still work traditional, enjoyable jobs. It’s kinda funny being a millennial. When I say funny I mean sad, because all of these ideas are in direct response to our parents and generations before them. We’ve all watched (or currently watch) our parents go to jobs they hate and talk about careers that could’ve blossomed but didn’t. It’s been engrained in our minds that there has to be something better; there is.

However, you can achieve such without being your own boss.

So let’s now discuss ego and what the beef is with having a boss.

Think about your boss (if you have one), and what their job really is. Think about what their job contributes and how it relates to yours. As an adult, I personally hate the idea of someone telling me what to do and how I have to do it. Work is often political, meaning folks in higher positions than you may not have the ideas or contacts you do, but they’ve been there longer, or went to school for a whileee, so alas. I’m going to get personal here and admit that this is one (of MANY) reasons I’m en route to a doctorate. For my field in particular, the most educated wins. But back to the subject at hand – having a boss, being a boss, etc. Is that what this is all about? Having something to call your own? Being in charge? Do you want a business to provide something or to improve your ability to look yourself in the eyes every morning? I’m really trying to understand here.

I think I struggle to get behind this movement because having a business sounds better than it actually is. I think people make assumptions about what it means, then fumble when it’s time to do the work. For people who may feel pressured that they’re “doing it (life) wrong” or “behind,” you’re not. It’s not a crime to work for someone else. You need more than an idea to run a successful business. Do we all want to love our jobs? I’m sure we do. Will there be a time where that’s the case? I’m willing to bet on no, whether we’re all entrepreneurs or not.


Peace, Love & Lil Wayne,


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